Support Us 

We work with thousands of children and young people from all over the Northwest and North Wales and are always looking for support for our work. In return, we will work tirelessly with you to help meet your organisational and promotional objectives, with sponsorship opportunities to suit a range of budgets and recognition levels.

We can provide a variety of possibilities for your company to connect with our audiences, and build your profile through our creative projects.We are incredibly grateful to have a range of amazing sponsors and donators who support our organisation and charity so we can provide exciting and uplifting arts for mental health opportunities, workshops and huge community shows for young people, schools and communities.

Please see below for our current sponsor packages and prices

Sponsor Options:


Workshops - Supporting Mental Health & Wellbeing

The project will include a series creative arts workshops led by professional composers, musicians, dancers and creative artists which will take place throughout the Northwest and North Wales. These will focus on wellbeing and help children discover their qualities and provide them with a sense of belonging and community. The cost of sponsoring each workshop is £500.

For sponsoring one of our workshops Amasing will:
  • Promote your organisation using our social media
  • List your name in our event programme
  • Provide a post on our website

Online Sessions 

Fun & Energetic Sessions

We deliver fun, energetic, sessions in 10 week blocks for hundreds of school classes across the year groups.

The cost for this Sponsorship is £1,000.

For sponsoring the online sessions Amasing will:
  • Sponsor logo spotlighted (logo will be visible to all participants throughout the session)
  • The Musical Director leading session to wear a T-shirt with sponsor logo on it and will announce the sponsorship.
  • The sponsor will be highlighted in social media PR each week.
  • Promote your organisation using our social media.
  • List your name in our event programme.
  • Add your organisation/ business to our sponsorship/CSR page with direct link to your website.

The Big Shows 

The Fantastic Big Shows!

The cost of sponsoring one of the big shows is £4,000.

For sponsoring the online sessions Amasing will:
  • Create a video loop using sponsors logo which will be projected on our backdrop screen/large screens throughout the performance.
  • Promotional sponsor video to be played during the interval (sponsor to provide).
  • The sponsor video will be seen in all future streaming of the event.
  • All band members and dancers will wear Amasing/sponsor logo T-shirt during performance.
  • Sponsor will appear on Corporate Social Responsibility page on Amasing website which will have a link to sponsor website.
  • The event will be marketed on all Amasing social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linked in and in local papers/ radio.
  • Company logo on band T-Shirts.
  • Stand in foyer.
  • 10 tickets for the show.

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