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Young Minds – in our Happiness projects 2019 we supported this charity and working with children and their families we created an uplifting positive song with a pop feel called “ Be Happy” This song has been sung in many of our shows and now online with thousands of children and families in the UK and abroad. We donated £1500 to this charity.

​Imagine being a young person and wanting your life to end.

Imagine feeling this hopeless, this desperate, this lonely. Imagine the courage it takes to tell someone and to ask for help. Imagine the devastation when, having reached out, the support you need just isn't there.

Thousands of young people living in the UK don't need to imagine - this is their reality.

We live in a country where the number of young people presenting at A&E with urgent mental health needs has tripled in the last ten years, where a quarter of young women have a diagnosable mental health problem and where suicide is the single biggest killer of boys and young men.

And these figures do not yet factor in the devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the tsunami of mental health struggles we anticipate as a result.

The crisis in young people's mental health is well publicised. But behind each and every one of these statistics is a real life - a young person who urgently needs help. Far, far too often, these young people are simply not getting that help. And for many, it is already too late.

Through our work, we are changing this. Please click here for more information.