The Joshua Tree 





The Joshua Tree
Dalefords Lane


The Joshua Tree Charity – we were delighted to work with this charity during Lockdown and with their staff, families, trustees and children delivered an online composing workshop where they all collaborated together to create a emotive, heart warming song about their charity called “ Our Tree” we also created a film for them to accompany this song which featured their community singing in it. This song has been placed on many social media platforms to bring awareness for the charity and will be sung at their opening of their new premises once the pandemic is over.


What do we do?

Every family’s experience with childhood cancer is different and their needs are unique. We work with families and schools to provide support that is tailored to their journey.

We work with the whole family – patient, parent, siblings and grandparents – in recognising that every family’s cancer journey is unique.

We offer bespoke 1:1 support, practical and therapeutic help to ensure that life remains as normal as possible during and after an incredibly traumatic time.

At our support centre we offer 1 to 1 play sessions for children and their siblings affected by cancer as well as therapeutic support for older children, teenagers and adults.

We provide group activities to promote socialising, fun and normality within a safe and friendly environment, alongside others experiencing similar journeys.