Welcome to AmaSing In Lockdown 

AmaSing’s Digital Projects 

During lockdown we have continued to work with different communities and have been astounded with all the fantastic, creative things they have achieved. We have worked with some amazing children, families, schools, groups and people during lockdown including BBC Music Ambassador/ Brit Classic Nominee Carly Paoli and Key workers from all over the North West and North Wales.

Please check out some of these amazing projects below.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes 


During lockdown in the COVID 19 pandemic children from the UK and abroad have created an original during AmaSing online composing workshops led by composer Andrew J Smith and have created a beautiful inspirational song called ” Not All Heroes Wear Capes” They have dedicated it to all the key workers who have worked tirelessly keeping everyone safe during the COVID 19 pandemic. A film has been made with many children at home, in school bubbles and key workers from hospitals, fire service, schools etc singing the song. The film also includes many images of key workers and children in super hero costumes. We hope this song and film will bring a smile to everyones face and celebrate the wonderful work key workers everywhere do for us all.

Lockdown Concert Online  


Due to COVID-19 AmaSing has had to cancel the celebratory concerts disappointing thousands of children, schools and families. We have been amazed with the AmaSing creations children and young people have been sending us during lockdown and so decided to showcase this and hosted our first live online concert on our Facebook page. The live stream included performances from 1000s of young people from our Amasing projects, artists and groups who we collaborate with. For those of you who missed the live event you can now see this fantastic concert below.



Lockdown Line Up

4.00 Introduction

4.02 Amasing Fusion Wales footage 

4.06 Together sung by 1000 voices

4.09 Sophie Sterry

4.16  Louise Beltrami 

4.20 Carly Paoli

4.23 Charlotte Shuker

4.27 The Revolutions

4.30 Max Mclintock

4.33 Liam and Paul

4.38 North Wales Dance Workshop featuring House of Dance

4.42 Music For Life



Lockdown Line Up

4.47 Siren Sounds Choir

4.52 Live my Life to the Full 1000 voices

4.55 Anthony D

4.57 Lauren Haycock

5.00 Josh Borman

5.02 Proud Marys

5.06 Emily Neal

5.13 Theatre in The Quarter

5.18 Nadz Nowakowska

5.09 Nessa Owen

5.20 Ifton Colliery Band

5.23 Handbag of Harmonies


Lockdown Line Up

5.25 Kaleidoscope Orchestra

5.33 Wonder girls

5.39 CH2

5.42 Dee Brothers

5.56 City Jazz Singers / The Catholic High School

6.00 Song for Dementia Uk

6.03 AmaSing Team featuring Carly Paoli

6.08 AmaSing Be Who You Wanna Be 1000 voices

6.12 What A Year! featuring new song

“Not All Heroes wear Capes “



 The AmaSing Team & Carly Paoli Sing To Make You Smile


 The AmaSing Team which includes arts specialists, directors, musicians and back stage staff were delighted when Carly Paoli BBC Music Ambassador and Brit Classic Nominee collaborated, singing together to make all the children and their families smile during this uncertain time during lockdown They sang one of their favourite songs “Lean on Me” which will now be sung in the 2021 shows. The AmaSing band individually recorded the instrumental parts for all to sing along to. Then the team and Carly individually sang and recorded themselves. Canteen Create brought it altogether and created this fantastic film. We hope you enjoy our AmaSing version.  


Creativity in Lockdown 


Welcome to AmaSing’s “Creativity in Lockdown” gallery. We have been astounded with all the fantastic, creative things you have been doing. They are so impressive we’ve created this to celebrate and showcase all your hard work.