My name is Rachael Borman, I am a primary school teacher who has specialised in music for the last twenty years and have taught all age ranges throughout the key stages.

Through my time as a teacher I have been fortunate to have taught in many different settings and seen the power of music and arts in supporting children to grow and flourish. I believe music and all arts are incredibly powerful tools in which children from all backgrounds and cultures can express themselves and develop emotionally, socially, academically and physically. I believe it is essential to develop and promote arts in todays school curriculum inspiring children to reach their full potential and become strong , creative individuals who are confident to share their ideas and believe in themselves.

I am passionate about music and singing and because of this over the last five years have developed and ran many big sing projects with over 20 different primary schools in the local areas. I have worked with a variety of arts specialists and seen how allowing opportunities for children and teachers to work with professional musicians and composers enhances their learning experiences. They also supports both teachers and pupils to develop skills, knowledge and opportunities that they would not have acquired in the normal everyday school curriculum.

Due to this work I am very excited to have set up “Amasing” and currently am co-ordinating its first ever project in Chester.

I will be posting more information, so please check back soon x