AmaSing is collaborating with many schools to host a FREE one off online Big Sing session. We want to bring together a thousand bubbles from schools in the UK and abroad.


The participants will come together to sing AmaSing’s songs from its new project “Connect” called
1.     Let’s Build a World
2.     Our Chester Zoo new campaign song - Sustainability

These unique songs have been written by children and communities during workshop sessions in our giant outdoor Spiderdome and online with composers Andrew Smith and Alex Dee.
We would love your whole school to take part with your school bubbles from EYFS up to Y6 and learn these 2 songs and dances to performon April 23rd at 9.15am – 9.30am online with thousands of other children led by our musical director Andy Smith and dance specialist Kelly Stevens from House of Dance.

They do not need to be word perfect and can have the lyrics in front of them on a board. The event is about bringing everyone together and having fun singing and dancing in this uncertain time.
It would be AmaSing to get so many children and schools connecting together through music.

I am aware many of you would normally be doing English or Maths at this time however this is a one off event and completing it at this time will makes it possible for our schools abroad to take part due to the time differences.

We aim to create a film of this but will need your help. During the sing please can you record your class singing/ dancing/ waving etc with your phone and send me the footage. AmaSing will create a film of everyone singing it and would like to release it live on our facebook page for families to see. It would be great if you can leave your cameras on for the session so children can see each other during it too but I know it might not be possible for all children to be viewed due to safe guarding reasons.

All resources song/ dance vid/ lyrics can be found on
Go to Music Resource Tab- register for free, then go to Connect 21 and click on “Let’s Build a World” or “Sustainability” - everything you need will be there.

Please can you email me to reserve your place and let me know how many bubbles in your school will attend.

There is no cost to take part in this event.