Amasing Choir children were left flabbergasted this weekend after a surprise visit from Simon Cowell and Bruno Tonioli.The pair arrived at the Chester Catholic High School in Chester where they gate crashed the children’s party that had been put on for them by AmaSing to celebrate all their hard work. Simon and Bruno burst out of a huge present which resulted in the most amazing reaction from the children and invited the group to audition for the series.




On arrival they met the Amasing Director Rachael, who stated she had nominated the children because 'they are amazing.'

Rachael told the judges that: 'We're an arts organisation and charity foundation that work with thousands of young people supporting mental health through the arts and I just thought that they deserve something really special and really exciting and all the children here absolutely love Britain's Got Talent.'  After explaining the children had no idea the pair of them were in the building, Bruno revealed he knew of a plan to keep the jumping out of a box.


Initially, Simon wasn't convinced and exclaimed 'no-one told me that', but then proceeded to clamber inside a giant makeshift gift box, next to Bruno.

As the huge box, decorated with a bow is wheeled out to the hall of children, the TV judges can heard screams of joy from the group.

Bruno, laughing then turned to Simon and said: 'The things we do eh?'

The music mogul and former Strictly Come Dancing judge are then burst out of the box to be greeted by hoards of screams and cheers from the children who  proceed to flock around them, giving them high fives.

One of the children bravely asked 'Are you the real Simon Cowell?' to which the head judge replied by lifting up his sunglasses and exclaiming: 'Yes!'

Elsewhere, Bruno beams from ear to ear as he has a sweet encounter with one of the children who tells him it's the best day of their life, to which Bruno replied: 'It's the best day of my life too my darling!


If all that excitement wasn't enough for the children, Simon surprises them further  by firstly congratulating them on being amazing singers and then letting them know they would all be joining him on Britains Got Talent.

For their audition the children performed one of Amasing’s own songs Be Who You Want To Be. The song was written by children who take part in the organisations activities so it was extremely special to sing the song and to get four yes’s and a standing innovation from the audience.





The song can now be streamed on all streaming platforms, just search Be Who You Wanna Be by the Amasing Choir.